Architects are the people who are in charge of the designs and the planning of the project. They are responsible for the visual as well as the building structure. The architects are the people who are registered and are licensed and are professionally trained to meet certain requirements. Architects have certain responsibilities which include initial drafts and the meeting of the inauguration of the buildings. Architects are appointed by the clients to have the right duty when it comes to creating functional space.

Roles of architect in the construction

An architect is generally contracted by the client and is in a meeting which allows people to discuss the project and its needs. There are several meeting held which takes place with both the parties and are satisfied with the right design. The design of the building is a huge task which allows the single person to have the right architecture which works with a civil structure and can allow one to have a good discussion on the technical issues and the structural integrity of the building. Architects need to be involved in the design phase as they have some of the best ideas which will allow you to have the right improved energy efficiency. These designs have the maximum natural lighting and ventilation, which will help one reduce the heating and cooling needs.


Project discussion

An architect is generally hired by the client to help create a detailed design of the concept which allows the idea to come to life. There are many meeting and discussions with a different team member who are also engineering professionals who need to take the right design approval. There are several topics discussed in the meaning of meeting the client requirements, expected budget and other characteristics which need to be added to make the whole plan go well.

Documentation and drawing

Architectures are responsible for creating a detailed drawing and testing, which allows the feasibility to help with the projects. Traditionally these designs we the responsibility of the CAD software which used to process everything. The final blueprint allows people to have the right builders, which delivers the desired structure, which also includes mechanical and electrical systems. The other technical documents is something which needs to be made sure of making the right technical specifications. The final design is the contract proposal which allows the creativity to have the right cost estimate with the right project.

Cost estimation

Cost estimation is always at a different stage of the project, which can allow one to have better control over the budget. The architecture needs to have the right building structure which can bring out the creative design and ideas into the construction industry. As an architect, one must be careful of not underestimating the cost of materials and construction times.